A universal robotics OS and SDK

A consumer robotics-oriented OS didn't exist. So we created a new one. With MIND, there's no need to know underlying hardware and complex mechanics, which means individuals are free to focus on building applications that bring ideas to life.

MIND is based on the Linux kernel and is optimized for robots. It integrates various libraries and drivers to easily control the robot hardware and network. With MIND, you choose how you want to develop and build, using either a Golang-powered SDK or a sandbox-style 3D Simulator. All Vincross robots, including HEXA, are equipped with MIND.

MIND's complete robotics ecosystem includes a user-generated Skills Store. Here you can share your latest Skill or test out the Skills of your fellow robot-enthusiasts.

Your pathway into robotics

Intuitive and easy-to-use, with MIND SDK you'll be building Skills (i.e. robotics' movements or applications) in no time! Our tools are built with Golang and can seamlessly integrate third-party libraries, such as ROS and OpenCV.

3D Sandbox for prototyping and building new moves.

You don't need to know programming to Robot. Through the 3D simulator, simply move a mouse to design and create all sorts of complicated moves and sequences in a virtual world. Sync movements to robots with just one click and watch your ideas come to life.

Robotics made easy & accessible.

Use the App to control your robot remotely. See what your robot sees and control how it moves. The App is also a great way to explore and trial new Skills created every day by your fellow robot owners. Every Vincross robot includes an App.

MIND at work

Voice, movement & gesture
Smartphone, computer & router
Light, temperature & gravity
App, website & server
Walk, interact, grab, act & automate
Home Appliance
Controls television, AC & lights
Computing Device
Sends information, data & notifications
IOT Components
Display images, play sound & drive motor

With MIND, we enable omni-directional network communication between humans, robots and other IoT devices. The possibilities are endless.

What will you create?

The Skills Store is the place to explore and share new Skills developed by the community. Submit the Skills you develop on the Developer Bridge. Together we will make robots stronger and smarter.

Enter the era of robotics.

All Vincross robots, including HEXA, are equipped with MIND. Be the first to get HEXA and start creating and learning on MIND.